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Wildkind Academy will be launching a variety of self-led courses on many fascinating topics of interest. It is our goal to provide content that is relevant and supportive for anyone looking to initiate powerful changes into their life that awaken the senses and enliven the spirit to a more natural state of joy and wonderment.

Online Rewilding Courses Coming Soon

Learn the basic principles of rewilding for increased energy, vitality, immune function and connectivity to the natural world. Rewilding 101 takes a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit and is a recommended learning tool for individuals ready to take practical action steps towards designing a life that is in alignment with their unique human potential.


In our dynamic and rapidly changing technological world, there is a growing interest to simplify and live more sustainably with greater resiliency. We are entering a new era where ancient wisdom and practical skills are once again revered. Cultivating excellent health and vitality while building a strong immune system is a foundational practice as we navigate our way through a promising future.

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