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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 34/52 | Summer

arrowhead hunting rewilding Aug 15, 2021
Hunting | Rewilding | Arrowhead
Field notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 34 of 52 | Path of the hunter, Our Primal Roots 🤎
My hunting season has officially begun as opening day for Idaho archery pronghorn was Sunday August 15. I am committed to the path of rewilding my life which includes harvesting food through hunting and foraging. I bought an out-of-state tag for Antelope, no doubt an expensive investment, but this money directly supports land conservation and acts as a funding source for state agencies that help conserve habitat.
This weekend I headed out to the Idaho desert with @silhouetteoutdoors 🏹 Scott had constructed a blind located near a watering hole that will be the location for my September archery hunt. This weekend was a scouting trip. We were looking for tracks where the Antelope might be coming in and hoping to see a herd while glassing the prairie.
Hunters develop incredible wilderness awareness skills. Hiking through sagebrush we are moving slow and taking in all relevant information that tells the story of the Antelope. One of the most enjoyable aspects to this experience is the treasures found while being present in the wild. We came upon a broken arrowhead, most likely used by a hunter from either the Shoshoni or Bannock tribes that moved into southern Idaho following big game. With this discovery I feel a sense of connection to the history of this land, a deep reverence for the human experience.
There are wild sunflowers growing out here and I was lucky to capture a bee as it briefly landed on the head of the flower I was observing. I discovered Mullen growing abundantly near the watering hole, a medicinal plant that can be harvested to make tinctures for respiratory support. Mullein leaf is also an expectorant and lung tonic.
I have three hunts scheduled in September. Both an archery deer and elk hunt here in Washington state and pronghorn in Idaho. There will be a lot to share in the weeks ahead as I take this leap and awaken within myself a more primal relationship to the circle of life.
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