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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 38/52 | Summer

antelope archery hunting idaho Sep 12, 2021
Hunting | Rewilding | Archery | Antelope
Field notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 38 of 52
Antelope Archery Hunt | Idaho
Antelope are beautiful and elusive creatures. We will head out tomorrow for one last chance at my 2021 antelope archery tag.
Reflections ~
On Nature:
I have seen so much from the window of a blind. Sunrise, sunset, extraordinary birds (check out the Sage Grouse and Magpie).
On Health:
Yoga, hydration and well-planned meals made a huge impact on well-being. Yoga can truly be done anywhere!
I started my morning with bulletproof coffee with MCT oil. Mid-morning…coconut yogurt with vit C powder, chlorella, lucuma and maca with organic blueberries. For lunch/dinner… chicken thighs with quinoa and veggies. I snacked on sprouted nuts and seeds as well as dark chocolate while sipping KeVita throughout the day.
On Mind:
Meditation and a focused mind goes hand-in-hand with hunting. After warming up my body with yoga (it was 43 degrees), I placed my bow and arrow on my lap, closed my eyes, and after grounding myself through breathe, I worked with energy to create a oneness with myself and the tools of the hunt, taking plenty of time to visualize the methodology of what a successful hunt would look and feel like.
On Rookie Moves:
My arrow was secured in the bow as we had two bucks approach the blind at 80 yards. Spatial awareness with a weapon in your hand is essential. When the antelope moved away from us, I relaxed and moved my body forward. The tip of my arrow punctured a hole in Scott’s blind….oops.
On Outliers:
Most of my archery training this last year did not include the very real scenario of shooting with wind variance in mind, and we had plenty of it. When we packed up, I was thankful that Scott suggested I practice to see how the wind would affect my shot at 20, 30 and 40 yards. This was a huge moment of understanding. At 40 yards, my arrow was off-target by 6 inches in the wind. Practice needs to include variations on weather.
I am so grateful for Scott Turner for mentoring me through this experience. Give Silhouette Outdoors a follow on FB and IG for all things hunting and fishing! 🎣🏹 Subscribe to the YouTube channel!