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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 19/52 Part 1 | Spring

breathe fitness cold plunge rewilding wim hof method May 08, 2022
Wim Hof Method| Breathe Fitness | Cold Plunge
Field Notes from Jess: Rewilding 2022 Week 19/52
Resiliency, Breathe & Mindset
Post 1 of 2: The Plunge: With Miles Lukas, Certified Wim Hof Instructor and Founder of Breath Fitness
May 7, 2022: There was wind, rain, hail and moments of sun for the much anticipated course, Wim Hof Fundamentals, hosted by Wildkind Academy.
In this 4-hour workshop we were well-prepped for our final challenge, a two minute ice plunge using the techniques we were taught throughout the day.
The following images offer an insight to the beauty and accomplishment of all the participants who demonstrated the power of will and a focused mind. We activated innate tools to overcome the bodies resistance to discomfort. Through resilience training, driven by our intentional mindset, we are capable of challenges we many not think are possible.
We do have the power to influence our physiology. Although two minutes may not seem extraordinary, it is a discipline that can be repeated and adapted to a daily practice, and ultimately provide profound results which include a boost to the immune system, reduced stress and anxiety as well as better circulation and a multitude of other health benefits.
As sentient beings, the term rewilding has an appropriate application to our human experience. This is a holistic approach to rebalance, restore, and thrive in mind, body and spirit as we are all unique ecosystems that are positively affected by our conscious actions to reclaim all that is damaged through our modern lifestyle. Stress, poor diet, nature deficiency, technology burn-out, comfort pacification, toxic relationships, social isolation, boredom, fear and overwhelm are all on the table to personally explore.
Integrating tools we can use every day to influence our own health and resiliency is a path worth exploring. Instructor @mileslukas will return to Olympia Washington August 6 & 7 for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience a science-based practice that can be applied to a rewilding mindset.