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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 19/52 Part 2 | Spring

breathe fitness cold plunge rewilding wim hof method May 09, 2022
Wim Hof Method| Breathe Fitness | Cold Plunge
Field Notes from Jess:
Rewilding 2022 Week 19/52
Resiliency, Breathe & Mindset
Part 2: Breathe & Movement
With Miles Lukas, Certified Wim Hof Instructor and Founder of Breath Fitness
May 7, 2022: If you missed my previous Field Notes blog you will see images with our workshop participants plunging into tubs of ice and breathing through a 2-minutes experience of what initially feels like shock to the body. Eventually a much welcomed state of calmness is possible and we used techniques taught by instructor Miles Lukas as he led us through a The Iceman (Wim Hof) Fundamentals Course.
The images shared tell the story of our preparation leading up to plunging.
Breathe work.
Learning the science helps integrate the why.
Integrating tools we can use every day to influence our own health and resiliency is a path worth exploring.
Miles Lukas, who is a Breathe coach and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Instructor will return to Olympia Washington end of August for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience a science-based practice. We will offer a workshop for teens and tweens as well as a fundamentals course and finally an advanced workshop in the wild.