Rewilding is the new self-care...

Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 4/52 | Winter

bone broth drumming natural healing rewilding usnea Jan 23, 2022
Usnea | Natural Healing | Rewilding | Bone Broth
Field Notes from Jess: Rewilding 2022 Week 4/52
Rewilding Essentials for Healing
This Week I was met with an intense virus. Time to activate super powers in order to heal and recover... Of course this was an exercise In real life rewilding integration. Game-on to all I have been learning this last year.
My body needs:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Earths energy and electrical charge
Sound vibration
Spiritual alignment
Love from family/friends
This was a rich moment in time to seek direct support from the many gifts offered from the natural world. How bizarre that we use the term "Alternative" healing modalities when referring to plant medicine and traditional/Ancestral practices. Through evolutionary intelligence and a long history of humans learning to partner with nature to provide good health of the mind, body and spirit, I would instead refer to the following practices as, "Essential" healing modalities.
My personal Essential Healing Protocol:
Rest: Includes a pause on media absorption/stimulation/caffeine
Vitamin C: I clipped Pine and Douglas Fir needles to make a daily tea. I added raw local honey
Vitamin D: Daily exposure of skin to sky. It's dark here with cloud cover but there is still absorption. Full birthday suit is best....hey neighbor!
Minerals: I used the deer bones from my recent Roadkill harvest to make bone broth
Nourishment: Highly digestible foods rich in immune boosting properties
Medicine: I harvested usnea from recent fallen tree branches and started a tincture
Earth synergy & electrical charge: Grounding ~ Feet to the Earth (look it up ~ Earthing)
Sound Vibration: Drumming. I made an elk hide drum this last fall. So good
Spiritual Alignment: Breath of life work, blue light body scans, gratitude, prayer meditations
Love from family/friends: Energy/thoughts and prayer matter. Thank you dear loved ones
Rewilding is the new self-care and I'm thankfully on the other side 💙
Holistic health mentorship with me is available. Link in bio.
I found a wonderful naturopath in Lacey Washington Dr. Eric @elevating_wellness_nw for excellent viral protocol.
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