Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 31/52 | Summer

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Rewilding | Healthy Lifestyle | Nourishment
Field notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 31 of 52 | Chèvre Farm to Table + I love goats
Let me introduce you to James and Krista Flick. They have the best love story and living what I think is a very romantic life. Not only do they play music together professionally but this couple who I lovingly call “Velcro” (they just attach so well together), also business together, farm together and still manage to flirt, kiss and laugh…a lot.
Kristas Chèvre is a signature experience when visiting their home at Arrowood Lane Alpines. We spend hours sitting out in their garden sipping margaritas and delighting in her homemade cheese with unlimited passion .
I was Invited back the next day for the morning milking and mentorship in how to make goat cheese. I nestled my cheek up to the goats belly and began to squeeze milk into the galvanized bucket below. I was slow and awkward on the teats but hey milk came out! After bottle feeding the kids (joy of joys), We proceeded to the kitchen to start part one of making goat cheese.
This is a simple but surprisingly scientific process and although it is not necessarily time consuming, there are multiple steps that take a few days to complete. From the low heat temperature to the culture used and the details like stirring 20 times and letting it sit for exactly 9 hours, It helped to have a seasoned pro show me the ropes.
One gallon of raw goat milk produced three molds that I was able to take home once we completed the process. Goat cheese Is full of beneficial probiotics and high in calcium and selenium, an Essential trace mineral. Because the protein molecule In goat milk is smaller than cows milk, it is a much more digestible form of dairy.
After taking a few selfie’s with the goats, I made an incredible discovery! My girl Madelyn has a perfect heart that sits under her chin. I am not surprised that even the animals on this farm grow hearts. I would expect no less from this place of love.
Thank you Krista for your patience and care while offering me this rewilding experience. I am still glowing.