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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 36/52 | Summer

alaska fishing nature bathing rewilding salmon fishing Aug 29, 2021
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Field notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 36 of 52 | Fishing Alaska 🤎
9 days spent on the Kenai Peninsula and many experiences to reflect on in terms of rewilding:
I am flying home with a 50 lb box of Sockeye and Coho. This is enough salmon to fill my freezer and be able to enjoy and share with my friends and family this next year. I’m feeling elated to have put in this time and energy and be rewarded with the abundance of wild food. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am blessed with ocean, rivers and lakes to harvest fish. It has been a big investment to acquire gear and I have clocked a lot of hours learning to fish for different species, but the growing sense of self-reliance and independence has been well-worth It.
Everything just seems #extra in Alaska. The mountains, the expansive views, the blue glacial water, the lush forests, the weather, the long hours of daylight, the abundance of fish, the sunsets, the majestic creatures like King Salmon, eagles, moose and grizzlies and of course the exceptionally friendly people.
Alaska has an essence, a heartbeat, a pulse, an energy, a feel….As my dad would say, it has good “Kern”. I’m so grateful to have felt it and integrated this experience into my mind, body and spirit.
Spending so much time this last week in waders, legs immersed in cold rushing water from both the Kenai and Russian rivers, yesterday was a special reprieve as the sun came out and I spent some time field bathing in the mountains. I had no idea how much I needed to ground myself in the earth and in the warmth of the sun. It was a much needed balance to what felt like energy depletion.
I love you Alaska.
Special thanks to Scott Turner with Silhouette Outdoors who invited me on the trip to be on-team with his latest YouTube project that will highlight our DIY trip. I also appreciate all that I have learned from you over the last 2 years as you brought me under your wing to teach me the ways of an angler. Still so much to learn but I’m appreciative of the journey.