Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 46/52 | Fall

arrowheads flint knapping rewilding traditional skills Nov 07, 2021
Rewilding | Flint Knapping | Arrowheads | Traditional Skills
Field notes from Jess ~
Rewilding in 2021 | Week 46 of 52
An extraordinary Life…
Mountain Man Dana Anderson lives on an off-the grid homestead out in Matlock Washington and I was invited to spend the day with him to make arrowheads together, forage for chanterelles, see the hides he is tanning and get to know one another over venison stew. Upon arrival I was greeted by The warmest hug from Dana and his son Ean.
Our epic day went something like this:
We started with a tour of the property. Beautiful stone water channels were created to passively flow to the house. (We later took a cold plunge and swam through a small tunnel…just for fun). I met Paul the mannequin who lives in the garden. We entered the stone outbuilding that was constructed for cold storage. I observed hides hanging from trees as Dana is adept at brain tanning. We foraged for chanterelles, ate the most delicious venison stew from a deer that was harvested by Ean the week previously…all cooked in a cast iron Dutch oven.
We sat by the fire to practice flintknapping. He was able to brilliantly make an arrowhead in no time but had the patience to work with me on my technique. I suck at this but enjoy putting in the effort.
Inside the house I was shown so many treasures that he has created over the years. Dana made a bow out of sturgeon skin, has made his own guns and of course there were countless arrowheads and carved knives. I truly enjoyed the company of these two wonderful men and Dana had so many stories to share. This man has more energy and vitality than most. He is one of the greatest characters I have ever met.
With the most loving heart, Dana sent me home with a beautiful necklace that he made for me that includes bear claw and bobcat with rare beads. He gave me a Goji berry plant, fed me the most amazing lunch that included a fruit platter in which he carved a carrot to look like a palm tree. He gave me obsidian and tools to practice flint knapping. Most importantly, he gave me friendship and memories of an extraordinary day that I will never forget.
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