Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 51/52 | Fall

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Field notes from Jess ~
Rewilding in 2021 | Week 51 of 52
Primal Element ~ Fire
In the Pacific Northwest there is a substantial shift from early fall to the coming of winter. Darkness moves in early and the cold and increased rain moves us indoors. As we retreat to the comfort of our homes, our bodies change to the decrease in physical activity and the lack of light negatively affects our mood. We retract from social engagement and increase our caloric load which often is high in sugar. These events all contribute to a condition we call seasonal depression. The struggle is real.
Bring in Ray Livingston - Modern Survivalist who brought the heat and introduced Wildkind Academy to Fire School. With the camaraderie of friends, we spent a day gathering and harvesting combustible materials, constructing fire, learning tools both primitive and modern to engage the different ignition sources required to create and manage fire. Many humans have lost this skill through our collective domestication. And with the loss of our most basic tool of survival, comes the reality that most of us sit in front of a viewing devise when the sun goes down instead of communally gathering and sharing. What then have we lost in this convenience?
When we gather around a fire there is a trance-like quality that positively calms the nervous system. Rather than distracting us, the fire welcomes our presence. It draws in people and supports conversation. Fire brings warmth and light and cooks our food. It reminds us of our intimate and symbiotic connection to the natural world. Making fire reminds us of our vulnerability and our strength to overcome. Original humans got us here today through ingenuity and a will to survive.
I am so grateful for the fellow Rewilders that left the comfort of their dwellings to engage our most primal birthright, fire making. Every effort to remember and practice the old ways keeps us in touch with our true human nature and is no doubt humbling.
Thank you @ray_modernsurvivalist for bringing your warmth, loving nature And generous spirit that was appreciated by all.
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