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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 17/52 | Spring

boot funeral hiking Apr 18, 2021
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 17/52 weekend in review: THE FINAL CLIMB ~ A FAREWELL TO MY BOOTS 4.15.21
My hiking boots and trusted companions had their last climb this week. They have given me many, MANY, blister-free miles of adventure. Both of the heels had completely ripped away from the leather and this was noticed while traversing up to Queens Garden, elevation 7,635 in Bryce Canon National Park, Utah.
I could not think of a more appropriate hike for this final communion with “my girls” as the Queens Garden Trail is royal indeed. The loop starts at Sunrise Point and descends into a Canyon of orange and pink “hoodoos” (defined as a column or pinnacle of weathered rock). There are forests of pine trees growing through the sandstone and incredible archways to walk through and explore.
This regal landscape inspires awe and wonder of our natural world and the high-tower rock formations truly look like castles!
Shown in the images is a final picture of my boots taken from Sunset Point, which is the completion of the trail. As you can see I kept the laces, but the boots stayed at Bryce Canyon as their final resting place. I love synchronicity. No doubt as all things have a life-cycle..a beginning and an end, a sunrise snd a sunset ~ I considered this moment perfectly aligned when I said my farewell and expressed my gratitude at this beautiful vista.
To all the adventure Queens... 👑 A good pair of boots are the crowns for our feet. A treasure and essential piece of gear that grants us access to enchanted places!
Farewell boots, way to go out gloriously.
Thank you Angelique Adams for an invitation to this magical place AND the idea of a boot funeral. Also thank you to Susan Moorhead Gallagher who noticed my heels were blown out!