Rewilding is the new self-care...

Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 19/52 | Spring

brown trout fly fishing May 02, 2021
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 19/52 weekend in review: FEELING “FLY” Rewilding is the new self-care.
What’s a girl to do? I knew I was out of balance and needed a I dialed a friend. A brilliant photographer, lover of nature, avid angler and cool human based out of central Oregon named Ryder Redfield (yeah that’s his real name), who offered a window in his busy schedule, to set me up with a fly rod on the middle Deschutes River near Sisters Oregon.
It was an early rise and there is nothing like venturing out on a spring morning to crisp air, the smell of juniper, and a brilliant sunrise to equalize the mind into a restful state of joy. The mountain vistas here are like temples of Divine inspiration and time on the river while casting line, my personal expression of spiritual practice.
Ryder offered thoughtful instruction that set me up for some independent fishing while he left me to my experience. I was stoked to gear up in my new waders and boots from Orvis. It was an awkward entry off the bank and into the water but I found my bearings and navigated my way through the mild current and towards the center.
Each cast is an opportunity to focus the mind and hone in presence. Fly fishing has a unique meditative quality and I no doubt felt revitalized from the quiet reverence and serene beauty from my location in the middle of the River. I was so engaged with technique awareness that I forgot that each time my fly touched the water, there was an opportunity for a bite!
Ryder returned at a timely moment ~ We saw a fish rise with an enthusiastic splash. With some luck and a well-placed cast, that fish took the bite. I set the hook and it was “fish on”. This was by no means elegant. I fell twice. Somehow I kept the line tight and reeled in a 16” (ish) Brown Trout.
Truly an Apex moment. I used a barbless hook and after celebrating with a great photo, this beauty was kissed and released.
Gratitude check: Thank you Ryder for supporting my rewilding journey. Thank you to the “river of revival” for this energetic re-set. Thank you Brown Trout for the reflection of your fighting spirit.
The rod I used was a 9 ft four weight which made this Brown feel like a real hog. A Blue Winged Olive was the choice fly 👌🏼
Give yourself a visual delight and go to Ryder’s website to view his portfolio. Absolutely stunning.