Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 02/52 | Winter

cold pluge yoga Jan 10, 2021
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 2/52 weekend in review:
This week I graduated from 2 minute cold showers to a January cold swim in the nature pool. Day 1 was rough and the winter temps gave me a strong chill that I had a hard time shaking. On the third day I incorporated some yoga and breath work before my swim...entering the water was much more inviting and my body was able to handle the cold. Starting the day by exposing the body to natural light, movement, conscious breathing and cold water has an exhilarating effect. And if your going to do anything...do it with a bandana!exposure to the elements and resilience training feels good. This is Rewilding...