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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 04/52 | Winter

hunting Jan 17, 2021
Hunting | Rewilding
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 4/52 weekend in review:
I completed my Washington State Hunters Ed course today!  The primal urge to re-wild from the constructs of a modern world is a journey that begins with curiosity and leads to an exploration of self and our relationship to nature. 
Hunters and gatherers had an intimate relationship with the wild. They were in-sync with the seasons and passed on the ancient knowledge of how to harvest food and medicine from roots, plants and berries as well techniques to hunt fish and game.
It is my own personal curiosity that has led me on a journey this last year that has been truly rewarding.
I have profound respect for the natural world and all of its creatures big and small. The path of a conscious hunter Is one of conservation, respect, a love of the great outdoors and of course the direct participation in the food we harvest and consume for nourishment.
Thank you for joining me as Wildkind Academy explores all aspects of living in deeper connection with ourselves and nature.  Adventure awaits!