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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 05/52 | Winter

fishing Jan 24, 2021
Fishing | Rewilding | Mexico
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 5/52 weekend in review:
I have returned from Mexico and am journaling from the PNW on a very dark and rainy day. This picture has a story and is worthy of a Rewilding post. This was our last night in Mexico and as you can see the sun had just gone down and it was getting dark. Silhouette Outdoors and I had spent a full eight hours on the ocean that day, traveling to Islas Marietas that was only accessible by swimming through a cave to experience the white sandy beach on the interior. (No doubt an adventure)
When we got back to our hotel, instead of getting dinner and settling in for the night, we got a second wind and decided to grab our fishing gear for one last chance at catching something cool to close out our trip. I got real lucky on my final cast and reeled in this beauty! It’s a Spotted Cabrilla or Spotted grouper Who’s inshore habitat is rock and reef. We were fishing just in front of our hotel on a little jetty. It’s a good-eating fish but I returned it to the sea since we were preparing to leave.
What made this experience so very wild was that I felt like a kid who did not want to come in and eat dinner when called, because I was outside playing and still had a hint of light to see! When we finally made it back to the hotel terrace (and consequently the outdoor dining area) with our fishing poles, tackle and covered in sand, I felt so Alive and joyous to see all the “adults” dining and just Staring at us as we emerged from the beach. We were smiling from ear to ear like 10-year-olds! It wasn’t until we finally sat down to a late dinner ourselves that I realized or should I say remembered that exhilarating feeling from my youth, of Existing outside of time and the need for food and routine. That feeling of having so much fun in the elements, that your body Just rolls with it and Forgets to ask for It’s basic needs like rest or nourishment.
Total Rewilding win...