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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2021 | Week 08/52 | Winter

fishing ice fishing Feb 14, 2021
52 Sundays of REWILDING in 2021 
Field Notes from Jess ~ Sunday 8/52 weekend in review:
It’s Valentines Day! The very first time I went fishing (ever) was one year ago today... It was an ice fishing trip to Lake Cascade in Idaho with @silhouetteoutdoors and my first experience reeling up a beautiful perch to the ice. Not only did I have a big heart for the guy, but I truly fell in love with fishing.
Since that first date at Lake Cascade, exactly one year ago today, I have experienced all-season fishing and have been introduced to so many species of cool fish from the rivers, lakes and ocean.
If you’ve never had a pole in your hand, waiting with great patience and anticipation for what you might attract to your chosen’s truly an experience! Especially when you can share your catch with friends and family over a lively meal. Fish Tacos!
Today marks an epic day of personal rewilding. I invested in my own ice fishing gear and even registered for an ice fishing tournament this weekend as I returned to Lake Cascade on Valentines Day ~ one year later! I’ve come a long way as I bring my own gear to the ice...tie on my own jig, bait the hook with fresh cut-bait and set the hook on some jumbo perch. I love fishing. I love making bold moves like entering a tournament when I’m still so new and have so much to learn. Why not, it’s an adventure! I loved joining over 400 anglers out there, all taking on intense weather conditions to do what they love with the people whom they enjoy.
(PS my guy Scott Silhouette Outdoors just won the tournament today...he was once again my date and he is one hell of a fisherman!