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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 1/52 | Winter

field to table goose hunt rewilding waterfowl Jan 02, 2022
Field To Table | Goose Hunt | Rewilding
Field Notes from Jess:
Rewilding 2022 Week 1/52
Field to Table, Wild Goose!
My waterfowl hunting crew had an early rise before dawn so we could set up in our field blind and be ready for the 7:25 AM legal hunting hour.
Because of the snow, we dressed in winter camo. The guys got a good laugh because I wore my only white sweater, which is cashmere, from back when I used to dress professionally while working at a funeral home. I don't find much use for cashmere anymore but it worked great as functional stealth mode attire...ducks see everything.
I wish I would've been filming instead of firing the 12 gauge automatic shotgun I had borrowed from my friend Matt. Two-time champion Duck caller @joelturner_shotiq brought in a skein of geese and I was amazed at their beauty as they descended on the pond in front of us.
Both Matt Turner and @bodie_turner brought two down and retrieved them from the pond where we had also set up decoys. They were kind enough to let me take one home to cook up for dinner.
This was the first time I had the opportunity to field dress wild game by myself, and I even made a discovery on how to easily cut out the tenderloin after taking the large breast meat. That goose fed 6 people! I pan fried it In cast-iron with salt, pepper and rosemary. Thanks to my friends @robendsley @joeypyburn and Tom Nelson from @theoutdoorline ESPN 710 radio, I got some great tips on how to prepare the goose which included the advice to keep it medium/medium rare and serve with homemade mushroom gravy over wild rice! These guys are outdoor pros and have a fun and informative morning radio show on Saturdays for outdoor lovers of the Pacific Northwest.
It felt amazing to invite my neighbors over for dinner and serve them a beautiful meal made with love. Field to table with a fresh wild goose taken only 5 minutes from my home was an extraordinary and deeply satisfying experience. I closed out the night sipping a really nice Scotch Whiskey by candlelight. I think my Great Grandparents from the Mackay Clan in the Highlands of Scotland would be proud.
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