Rewilding is the new self-care...

Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 12/52 | Spring

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Archery | Rewilding
Field Notes from Jess: Rewilding 2022 Week 12/52
Rewilding Integration 
After a whirlwind travel tour visiting brilliant instructors who each taught me unique skills to bring back to Wildkind Academy, this last week home I felt awareness for some much needed heart-centered downtime and self-care. Here's what that means to me: Feeling and listening to what was needed to support well-being, because damn... I was physically, emotionally and mentally off.
Our bodies come equipped with many senses but one that is often overlooked is a 6th sense or primal intuition that gives us information, a gut feeling, and acts like a directional compass. I've learned to pay attention.
To feel more grounded and support my nervous system I took a rewilding approach. This is an integration of all the many disciplines of direct living skills that I have been studying. Here is my basic integration list from this week:
Rewilding Anecdotes:
1. Sleep and rest like an animal
2. Take a break from coffee and drink something bright green (try new growth Douglas Fir tips) shown on the picture is @foursigmatic Matcha with Lion's Mane
3. Shoot my bow with my son. Sweet connection and something my teenager likes to do with me
4. Make dogbane cordage, the repetitive detail work of the hands directly affects the brain and promotes a calm Flowstate (many of the same health benefits as meditation)
5. Use copious amounts of Cottonwood salve to repair my hands that were beat up from two weeks of Bushcrafting.
6. Add wild spring greens to meals for added nourishment and good vibes
7. Make nettle pesto (nesto), heavy on the garlic to support immune health
8. Listen to good music, the body can't help but to move. (I didn't have the energy for Exercise but this felt right)
9. Stretch, primal movement, light yoga. See, feel, squeeze, touch the feet, limbs and areas that protect the precious organs (this promotes embodiment)
10. Heart-based interactions with friends, family and myself. Speak the truth even if it's uncomfortable. Share feelings. Pay attention.
Rewilding is the new self-care...