Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 16/52 | Spring

backcountry camping camping rewilding Apr 17, 2022
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Field Notes from Jess: Rewilding 2022 Week 16/52
A Camping Anniversary | PNW
This is a story about two best friends Jason and Jeff from Massachusetts, who made a decision during the shut down of Covid to bug out of town each month, head to the backcountry and have a good time while practicing their Bushcraft skills. My kind of people!
I have been entertained by their journey this past year as they bring humor into their YouTube videos that feels unique. Whether it's their constant East coast banter, or educational how-to's or even the music shared as Jason has an incredible talent for playing guitar with a voice that is beyond impressive, these guys make me smile!
So when they wanted an epic location to celebrate their two-years of backcountry camping, I suggested they fly over to attend the Shellfish, Forage and Feast event with Wildkind Academy and Human Nature Hunting School. They made it happen!
Once they arrived we headed out to the rainforest for some iconic PNW backcountry camping which includes, waterfalls, hikes, cold spring weather, stunning beauty and of course... rain.
We all got to experience how hard it is to start a primitive fire when everything is wet and there is no birch bark or ladder fuel. Luckily the mighty cedars were abundant and we were able to scrape the bark to get processed tinder. Jason worked with me on primitive trapping skills and we sipped boujee IPA in between my fails.
We took a beautiful hike in what could best be described as Ewok land and the waterfall we found was majestic. On our last night We hunkered down under a makeshift tarp shelter as this coastal location did not fail to provide a downpour. There were many laughs and of course tailgate bacon for breakfast.
Three kindred spirits came together from opposite sides of the country to celebrate friendship, camaraderie, nature, beauty, and the art of camping with all its joys and discomforts.
Thank you Jason and Jeff for welcoming me into this chapter of your adventures! It was a joy to welcome you to the Pacific Northwest (even though you don't believe in Bigfoot).
You can follow their YouTube channel: Vaz Survival