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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 20/52 Part 12| Spring

rewilding sea vegetables seaweed wild foraging May 16, 2022
Sea Vegetables | Seaweeds | Foraging
Field Notes from Jess: Rewilding 2022 Week 20/52 Part 2
Sea Vegetables at the Oregon Coast
With instructor John Nicholas Kallas with Wild Food Adventures
After filling my bucket with enough mussels and barnacles for an evening feast with friends, our course at the Oregon coast shifted to sea vegetables! I really enjoyed the taste of teriyaki seaweed and was delighted to discover the sacred nori and eat it raw.
When the tide came in we made our way down the beach to a beautiful waterfall. Our instructor introduced us to the delicious wild sweet pea with its lovely edible flowers as well as cow parsnip. After peeling the stems we sampled this wild plant like celery. You can stuff cow parsnip stem with cream cheese and smoked salmon for an attractive coastal hors d'oeuvre.
You don't need a license for harvesting seaweed but there are limits and seasons to be aware of. I also learned that you can harvest turbine snails without a license!
I hope you enjoy these photos as the foragers I met shine with so much beauty and radiance. I think that everyone attending was lit up by the scenery of the pacific northwest coast and there is always so much excitement harvesting wild food in community with others.