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Field Notes from Jess ~ Rewilding in 2022 | Week 21/52 | Spring

mushroom forage oyster mushrooms rewilding wild foraging May 22, 2022
Oyster Mushrooms | Foraging | Rewilding
Field Notes from Jess:
Rewilding 2022 Week 21/52
Spring Forest Walk, The Hunt For Oyster Mushrooms and Feast on the Beach With Three Generations of Friends
An early evening forest walk while hunting for oyster mushrooms and identifying edible plants brought foragers together who share a love for nature and community connection.
We started our adventure with a tailgate happy hour while snacking on stinging nettle cookies. The 2-mile trail gave us an inspired opportunity to move and discover the spring offerings including the downed logs and dead standing trees that uniquely house the growth of oyster mushrooms.
We reached the beach area just at the golden hour of sunset and found some picnic tables to set up our feast. Food is love and sharing a meal with new friends is one of the greatest opportunities to experience heart connection. @kmechell made homemade bread and offered venison pepperoni from last falls hunt. Our mushroom guide @mitzi_powderfiend set up a portable camp stove and prepared our harvest with copious amounts of butter. @wildmountainmandan who is an expert flint knapper, made an arrowhead for the occasion and set up a scavenger hunt...finders keepers!
Im so thankful to see parents like @birdingandbushcraft @keannerutter and
@rebekagentian who are bringing out our youth to engage the natural world. Three generations came together to learn, laugh, play and eat in the beauty of nature. These moments in time lift me and is a reminder of how we might find healing when our hearts feel heavy.