Rewilding is the new self-care...
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Joy Based Living | Making Bold Moves | Circle of Life | Adventure | Entrepreneurship


Eat to Nourish | Functional Fitness | State of Mind | Connection



Awaken the Senses | Feel More “Alive” | Experience More 



Nature Awareness & Participation | Direct Living Skills | Resiliency Training | Seasonal Alignment

Rewild Mindset


1 Hour Holistic Rewilding Session via Zoom 


In this one-hour session you will receive basic principles of rewilding and how you can make adjustments now to rewild your daily life. Based off of your unique interests, you will receive a detailed follow-up email with a specific action plan and numerous resources and recommendations. This is a great place to start!


Rewild Integration


4 Integrative Rewilding Sessions via Zoom

Meet once/week for 1 month (1 hour session)


Dedicate one month of your life to expansive growth. Experience awakening of your mind and strength of your body. Increase immune function, build sensitivity to the natural world, feel more connected and activate more of your potential. Welcome to the journey of lifestyle design that will light a fire inside of you as you become more fully integrated.


Rewild Transformation


6 Month Rewilding Transformation via Zoom 

Meet once/week for 6 months (1 hour sessions)


Integrative Lifestyle Design that will transform. This is a fully immersive experience to truly rewild your life and elevate your human potential. You will become more resilient, more self-sufficient, expand your view of reality, and build a foundational relationship with the natural world. You will feel enlivened with greater sensitivity as you walk a conscious path to remembering your true primal nature. 



By filling out the form below, let’s discover if mentorship would be a good fit. Design a life that is truly exceptional and in alignment with your unique goals. Upon receiving your information I will reach out via email to get started.

With a degree in Health & Fitness Promotion from Portland State University and as a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I value the lifelong exploration of holistic wellness. I’m a certified yoga instructor with over 500 hours of teacher training and have taught both private and group classes for over 20 years. I recently discovered Primal Movement as a fantastic modality of intelligent training for the body and have taught mindfulness courses for both youth and adults.

I have spent this last year making bold moves and completely Rewilding my life and I would love to share some of these outdoor surthrival skills with you! Bugging out into the great outdoors is adventurous, however I have found that the inward journey of self-discovery and health optimization of the mind, body and spirit is truly the gateway to deepen our relationship with all things wild and free and cultivate a truly inspired life.

If you want to learn more about me, please visit the Meet Jess page.