$158.00 USD

Morel Mushroom Foray

  Sunday June 4 

Location & Time TBA (Plan on a full day with driving) | $158

With Guest Instructor Kendra Henderson & Wildkind Jess

Includes a Live One-Hour Zoom Course on Friday June 2 at 7 PM for an educational download on morels by our guest instructor. (It is strongly recommended you attend but if need be the recording will be emailed to you!)

(Be prepared to drive up to 2 hours from Olympia)

Spend an adventurous day in the forest as instructor Kendra Henderson leads foragers through ethical harvesting as well as gathering wild morels. Participants will learn about habitat, anatomy and life cycle of Morels. We will also cover gear, seasons and safety for your future mushroom hunting trips.

Guest instructor Kendra Henderson is a fungiphile and looking forward to sharing her knowledge about mushrooms with some Fungis and Fungals. Kendra has two bachelor's in Chemistry and Biology (Wildlife ecology concentration) and a Master's in Environmental Management and Policy. Kendra works for the Department of Ecology in Water Quality Managing Stormwater across Washington. She has been in love with our fungal counterparts for close to a decade, wrote her master's capstone on a novel approach to remediate landfills and reduce leachate using fungi. She is out in the woods almost daily looking at mushrooms from October through June. She cultivates her own medicinal and gourmet varieties!

"The biodiversity and possible uses of fungi are thrilling. The are beautiful and delicious and I'm excited to share my excitement with the Wildkind community".

Virtual Course June 2 at 7 PM: There will be a live Zoom course with Kendra that will cover the habitat, anatomy, and life cycle of Morels including the most common medicinal or edible fungi. The Zoom course will discuss gear, seasons, basic foraging practices, basic identification and most importantly, safety.  We ask that everyone download the app Strava to their phone prior to the Foray.  It runs on satellites, so even if your cell phone doesn't have service, it tracks your location and can be sent to people who have your location beacon.   
In-Person Foray June 4: We will meet at an easily accessible public location to go through introductions, safety, protocol, and a gear check.  Everyone will send one of the instructors their location beacon at this location.  We will carpool and or caravan to our foray location.  We are hoping that this will be a short drive and will involve graveled forest service roads.  Once at our location, we will spend several hours in the woods looking for and collecting morels.  This will be a previous forest fire location, without trails.  You may have to climb over or go under downed trees.  Wear closed-toe shoes, and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.  Pack food to share, we will have a tailgate picnic at the end of the foray, and the instructors will cook up a simple dish with our bounty!