$98.00 USD

Way of the Wildkind Holistic Health Coaching Session

One Hour Zoom Session with Founder Jess Caldwell, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Wilderness Survival Instructor

 Rewilding with Jess ~ From Wilderness skills training to lifestyle design & health optimization, schedule a one-hour session and we will deep dive into your personal area of interest. Preparing for an outdoor adventure? Let's talk 10 C's of Wilderness Survival & Leadership Mindset.

If you are interested in business or marketing training to develop or uplift your business, this session will get you started or help you make necessary adjustments to your current model.

Holistic and empowered end-of-life planning is also available.

Make adjustments now to Rewild your life. Based off your unique interests, you will receive a detailed email follow-up with a specific action plan and numerous resources and recommendations.

This is a great place to start the transformative process of living life more fully with greater equinamity of mind and better health for the body.